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Reader in Computational Intelligence

PhD Optimization of Dynamic Vibrating Systems

MSc Applied Mathematics and Informatics

BSc Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Joined the University of Portsmouth in 2003 after 3 years with De Montfort University; 2 years with the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff; and  16 years with the Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria.



  Research Interests

  Publications and Research projects

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NENGA - Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms (BSc)

ADPROC – Advanced Programming Concepts (BSc)

ASE – Advanced Software Engineering (BSc)

EVOC – Evolutionary Computing (MSc)

COMP5105 - Approaches to Software Development (MSc)

COMP5215 - Development of Software Applications (MSc)

OOPJ – Object Oriented Programming with Java - BSc

IT355 – Object Oriented Design and Programming - BSc

MSc projects coordination and supervision

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Research Interests

                         Computational Intelligence (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Heuristic Global Optimisation and Genetic Algorithms)

Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition  

                        Multicriteria Optimization of Dynamic Systems

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Publications and Research Projects

List of publications

Research projects

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          Academic/Admin responsibilities:

 - Leader of the SoC “Computational Intelligence” research group;

 - Departmental Research Degree Coordinator;

 - REF UoA11 “Computer Science and Informatics” submission coordinator.


Supervision of research students

            I have supervised to successful completion 11 PhD research students.

            Currently I supervise 3 PhD research students.


PhD/MPhil examinerships

  I have been internal and external examiner of more than 10 PhD/MPhil vivas for:

- Open University (external);

- Brunel University (external, twice);

- Asia Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand (external);

- University of Glamorgan (external);

- University of Wales Institute Cardiff (internal);

- De Montfort University (internal);

- University of Portsmouth (internal);


International journals reviewer for:

-    IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks;

-    IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation;

-    IEEE Signal Processing Letters;

-    Neurocomputing; Computers in Industry; Mechatronics; Soft Computing; Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering;

-    Others.



 - Guest Editor, Special issue “Contemporary Dvlp. of Neural Computation and Applications”, Neural Computing and Applications journal, 2012;

 - Editor of Springer-Verlag books “Innovations in Intelligent Machines”, 2013; and “Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems”, 2010..


Associate Editor:

- Int. Journal of  Knowledge Based and Intelligent Systems;

- Int. Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence;

- Int. Journal of Engineering & Soft Data Paradigms;

- Bentham Science Publishers (e-books).


Programme chair and committee member of international conferences:

-     Programme chair of KES’2010 (UK), (;

-     Programme committee member of many international conferences (for some of these – a member for more than five consecutive years).


Research grant proposals reviewer:

-    EPSRC;

-    Royal Society research programme.

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Contact Information

Room: Buckingham 1.06

School of Computing,

Buckingham Building, Lion Terrace,

Portsmouth, PO1 3HE



Tel: +44(0)23 9284 6786

Fax: +44(0)23 9284 6364


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Last Revised: June 2016